Work and biography

What is paint?

Painting is a liberation, but it is also hard work. The loneliness of the study, a withdrawal conscious, critical and struggle.

Painting is inner freedom, flair, exquisite ingenuity and intelligence.
The painting is stop looking to strengthen and nourish the spirit. The originality of the “new” disturbs the historical sense of the already admitted. Few people stop for a moment, in receptive situation, detached from what was learned, to receive an emotion only, by color or shape, without further presence, without anecdote or reference to distract their communication.
If we learned the concept of beauty and we have to open the window to penetrate the air of emotion itself, the silence of a color will overwhelm us, and between him and us communication will be extended, in which consists the true aesthetic experience.

The interferences would have disappeared and man, through the work of art, will confront himself and his destiny.

The work should not be explained and should speak for itself. Individual creativity, imagination is the product of true beauty, is the possibility that brought us spiritual freedom to communicate in ways of understanding. 

Artwork and biography of José Ramón

Jose Ramon - Pintor gallego

The work of the Galician painter José Ramón communicates the Galician accent, its people, its sky, land, sea.

Through the language of his brushes transmits his inner strength with great dynamism that is well illustrated in the expression of the resources of a known occupation in deep way.

Energetic strokes full of artistic, different, very intense and bright colors that convey pleasure and joy of live.

The work of the Galician painter José Ramón. A style that speaks for itself through forms and impregnated living ideas. In his work there is no place for improvisation, artistically interprets what he sees and expresses the feelings of everything around him.

José Ramón loves what he paints and plastics solves problems are steeped in this circumstance. His high quality as an artist who expresses his heart in all works, place us in front of an artist who universalizes his land.

  • The Gallery of the Mayors at the City Council of A Coruña.
  • The Presidents of the Chamber of Commerce of A Coruña.
  • The Gallery of Presidents of the Mutua Gallega Labour.
  • The portrait of  Mr. Manuel Iglesias Corral, for the Gallery of Deans of the Lawyer Association of A Coruña.



  • The Chapel of Pazo de Rilo (Mugardos, A Coruña).
  • The hall of the Thermal Power Plant of ENDESA (A Coruña).
  • Mercedes Dealer (Louzao) in A Coruña.



  • “The most representative monuments of the Eumesa region.”
  • “City of Celanova, the most important monuments.”
  • “Pontedeume, Monumental Site dedicated to children”.
  • “A Grande Ibia: The Epic Galicia”.


Design the Commemorative MEDAL for the fourth centenary of the Port of A Coruña.


The newest exhibition, 2014, has taken place at the Headquarters of the Correo Gallego in Santiago de Compostela.

At 2013 his latest collection of works ” The Joy of Color ” is presented in the Palace of the House of Galicia in Madrid.

The City of A Coruña was the place chosen in 2012 to present his exhibition entitled “Ten years later”.

The headquarters of the Territorial Delegation of ONCE in A Coruña, Lugo and Pontevedra are fully decorated with their works.

Performs an original design for the V National Congress of Pathology for the Kings of Spain.

The collection of limited engravings “Galicia Artistic and Monumental” is presented at the Galicia Centers in Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Geneva, Basel, Zaragoza, Barcelona.

Designs the figures of the carvings for the Assembly Room of the City of A Coruña and the Gold Book.

Participation in various International Art Biennials in Pontevedra, Seville, Granada.

His art works are distributed throughout Spanish geography, Europe, Latin America, USA and Canada, besides museums of Galicia, Galician Royal Academy and the County Council.